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Jayne Rios Speaking Reel and Testimonies

Jayne Rios has 25 years experience in TV and marketing.  She is an International best-selling author of Interactive Author:  Monetize Your Message and CEO of Express Yourself eLearning. She hosts her own internet TV show, “Monetize It” and speaks internationally.  Her passion is to empower and equip speakers, authors and entrepreneurs by helping them realize their untapped potential for creating unlimited income on the internet.  She started her first company KungFuzos Video years before video was popular and she created an intellectual property eLearning system, proving her ability as  a visionary leader.

In the past 10 years she has achieved great success and now teaches others how to take control of their future and create the life they always dreamed. Her proven methods and programs help entrepreneurs to realize their potential and to exceed their goals.   She have a very successful background in the areas of Internet Marketing, Video and eLearning.  She has spent a decade working with Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers and Trainers providing monetization services and internet marketing best practices.  For anyone who has a dream of taking their business to the next level or whoever in this room has a story to tell, her message will inspire you today to take action and turn your passion into a reality.

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Testimonies from Jayne’s online marketing presentation: “My group was amazed at how much we learned.  Jayne doesn’t just throw terms and jargon out there to impress. She actually walked us through how to transform our business with digital products.  I was so fired up when I left, I just went home and did it!” – Sally Bartlett.

“I never feel comfortable asking questions, but Jayne was so real and approachable, I felt free to ask, and her answer opened the door to my being able to use video in my marketing.” – Joan Wright

Katrina Sawa, CEO Marketing Genius

Christine Sherbert, Real Estate Guru and Executive Director of PowerTeam International

Noreen Hennessy, CEO and Founder of Lifestyle 360

Speaking Topics Include:

 Turn Your Message into an Online Business

  • Monetize Your Knowledge
  • Technical Tools Available to Create Digital Products
  • Become an Interactive Author

Online Video Marketing

  • Dynamic Marketing Programs Using Video
  • Video and The Sales Funnel
  • Increase SEO with One Video

Monetize Your Business with eLearning Tools

  • eLearning Tools and Strategies
  • Create it Once, Market and Sell Forever
  • Create Content Your Audience wants to Hear

 What attendees say!

When we were growing up as little girls, we always talked about being rescued by a knight in shining armor. What a comforting feeling. That’s what Jayne Rios is to me. Having a not so positive experience in the digital world, I was less than willing to try it again. I cautiously sat down with Jayne and she asked questions, listened and began a relationship with me and my company. The outcome, my new program is going to launch in a matter of weeks. I can finally breathe again and am excited to have a professional digital platform with a true business partner and someone that I would recommend without any hesitation.  Her energy and passion will inspire any audience.”  – Judy Hoberman, Selling in a Skirt

“Jayne Rios was one of my main stage presenters for the 1st Annual Public Speakers Conference for the Public Speakers Association.  Everyone enjoyed her presentation from her incredible personality to her rich and immediately usable content.  I highly suggest you book Jayne for your next event.  You and your audience will be so glad you did!” – Tonya Hofmann, PSA

Thanks to Jayne Rios and her excellent presentation skills, I am able to move confidently into the digital space utilizing my skills and passion, while creating an online business using digital products.  Her passion and energy on stage is remarkable, I didn’t put my pen down, the tips she provides are priceless.” – Kristi Dear, SHIFT 2 Success

“In today’s Virtual World it is imperative to Connect through Video. Jayne Rios makes it so simple with her knowledge and skills. She and her Team help You create a Video Program whereby You are able to Be Present while teaching Your Subject matter. Everyone has Knowledge and Skills to Teach others and Jayne shows You just how easy and effective the entire process is. I highly recommend Jayne Rios!”  – Dan Welty, CTO Networks

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