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If you are wondering what a monetized platform is, you are looking at it!  Express Yourself eLearning puts the systems in place so you can capture more leads and close more business.  Click here to see a full list of features!

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What Makes Us Unique?

The Express Yourself eLearning team are experts in this field.  We take the fear factor out of working with technology and create a platform to promote you and your business to a global market.  11 Billion people search on Google MONTHLY. If you are not capturing this business, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Every eLearning platform is unique.  Depending on the audience (individuals/businesses), your reach (local/global), and digital offerings,we customize your program based on your business objectives and goals!  But some things won’t change.  Our methods are proven to work.  For example we KNOW everyone needs an opt in form, we also KNOW that every business needs to grow its list and customer base.  With the right systems in place you can automate your processes and expand your reach into a global marketplace searching for your services.

Once you implement your eLearning monetized platform, you own it!  You never owe us another cent.  That makes us different!  Not only do we have the best all-in-one monetized eLearning platform, we won’t charge seat or monthly costs!   Other eLearning companies charge an  upfront fee, coaching, training, monthly seat costs, hosting and more. With our service everything is included and we work for you until you are comfortable with the platform and you make your first sale!


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eLearning Capabilities

The eLearning Express platform is the next digital product generation elearning platform for speakers, authors and trainers. Prior to its creation, eLearning programs and digital products were cost-prohibitive and fairly complicated. However, the technology incorporated into the Express Yourself eLearning Express platform, is easy to use and inexpensive. Anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Word can master eLearning and begin to monetize your message instantly.

Traditionally, interaction with your customers and students has been a 1:1 relationship or a 1: a few using Webinar technology or Skype. With online learning and digital products, you can take your content and promote it globally, online 24/7. Now your message can reach millions around the world. Your customer relationship instantly becomes 1:Millions with the use of Express Yourself eLearning Express platform.

eLearning Benefits

In addition to exponentially reaching your target market with eLearning and digital products, printing is all but eliminated, if you choose. In the past you have printed presentations, books, white papers, case studies, training manuals and workbooks to prospects and clients, and handed them out to participants at trade shows, during speaking engagements, at meetings and/or conferences. This can become pretty costly, depending on the length of your papers and books. With the revolutionizing eLearning Express online course platform, you can now give people the ability to order or download your courses online by giving them a link.

What does it look like?

1.  Course Introduction Page with Instructor Information



Introduction to Curriculum within Course


Inside the eCourse:  Tracking on right


Membership, Sign In and eCommerce Integration:  Logged In (Access)


Member Logged Out:  Needs to login to access course link



Expand Your Reach!

With online courses and digital products, you can reach an unlimited audience.  You are not limited by language or technology any longer!

11 Billion People Search Google MONTHLY

Technology is AFFORDABLE!

English is the Second Language in MOST Countries

It’s not hard to implement an eLearning or Monetized Platform solution.  If you are not reaching the 11 Billion on the internet monthly, you are missing a HUGE opportunity.  Our team of experts implement eLearning everyday, we are EXPERTS!

Expand your reach today with online courses, digital products and eLearning.  Or if you are interested in our Workshops or Do-it-Yourself eCourses, click on the Workshops tab above and explore the endless possibilities!

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