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Proven Case Studies

bioTE Medical and Training

bioTE Medical execs were introduced to Jayne Rios. Upon learning that her affordable eCourse platform would more than meet their needs, they hired Jayne Rios and the Guru of Monetization team not only upload their presentations into the online platform, but contracted its sister company, KungFuzos to video their 20 hours of instructions.  Two months later, bioTE Medical was able to offer 12 eCourses with seven classes each for training. Download the Case Study now!

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Hope for the Heart International Ministry

Using eTrain 360 Technology, this ministry was able to upload existing books, materials, video, audio, scripture verses, documents, quizzes and certificates of completion into online eCourses. Students world-wide are able to access these courses via a protected password, and study at their own pace, anywhere and anytime.  Download the Case Study.

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Judy Hoberman, Author, Trainer and Speaker

While successful author and consultant, Judy Hoberman understood the benefits of online learning to both herself and her audience, she was ready to give up because of her traumatic experiences trying to work with several eLearning developers.  After meeting with Jayne Rios of Express Yourself eLearning she decided to give it one more chance. Within a short time, her eCourse was complete, and Judy is ready to start the marketing process in conjunction with Express Yourself.  Download the Case Study now!

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