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Learning Management System

Create Your Courses and Sell Online.

Includes Membership Site.

ECommerce Integration.

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eLearning from ANYWHERE and ANYTIME

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Turn Workshops and Live Events

Into Online Courses and Sell Online


Why eLearning?

If you are wondering what an eLearning Monetized Platform is, you are looking at it!  Express Yourself eLearning puts the systems in place so you can capture more leads and close more business.  The eLearning Industry is a $36 Billion industry.  People are buying courses all around the world at a rapid pace. If you have a skill or digital content you would like to place online, eLearning is for you!  We built this entire site around our Learning Management System, so what you see is what you get!  Of course we will customize using your brand, colors, font and so much more! With our eLearning platform you can monetize any business, our features include:

About Express Yourself eLearning

We are revolutionizing the way you do business.

The eLearning Express platform is the next digital product generation elearning platform for speakers, authors and trainers. Prior to its creation, eLearning programs and digital products were cost-prohibitive and fairly complicated. However, the technology incorporated into the Express Yourself eLearning Express platform, is easy to use and inexpensive. Anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Word can master eLearning and begin to monetize your message instantly.  We are using the platform to host this website, so what you see is what you get.

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